Spider Veins

Tiny purple or red lines threading along your legs or face may be spider veins – blood vessels that seem to appear out of nowhere. What causes them to appear isn’t known, but heredity is thought to play a key role in the development of spider veins. Chapel Hill and Raleigh-Durham residents, along with others living near the Triangle, can get their spiders veins treated in Chapel Hill at Central Dermatology Center.

Spider veins are typically more of a cosmetic concern than a health issue. If you’re ready to erase the spider veins from your legs or face, request an appointment online. Or call us at (919) 401-1994 to schedule an appointment.


Spider veins are a progressive condition; as you age, more appear and will likely become more noticeable. The most common treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy. Laser treatment is useful for facial spider veins.

  • Laser vein treatment – Lasers eliminate spider veins in legs and on faces with precise bursts of light. The light’s energy is absorbed by the vein, causing coagulation that clogs the vein. It then collapses and gets absorbed by the body and fades from view.